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  Many times customers have problems keeping up with their carpets specially the stairs.  We have found that most of the problems are with the spot cleaner an average customer would use.  Most cleaning solutions that are store bought have soap and soap is an oil based product.  The problem with oil is that oil NEVER dries.  Sooooo, dirt will stick to "wet" carpet.   May we sujest using something simpler like deluted white distilled vinegar or even just plan club soda.  Sometimes that works and when it does that spot will not come back.  Of course some carpet stains are much harder to remove and my need a professional of just a phone call to find out what to use.


  Having the carpets cleaned is a big health issue and even when the carpet looks "clean", it is not.  The average cleaning is normally once every year.  Vaccuming is extremely important.  The carpet should be vacuums often and help remove hard partials that can wear out the carpet before its time.